At 62,Barb has inspired me to become the person I have always wanted to be.Through her nutritional counseling and fitness regimen, I have been able to finially lose weight that I have been struggling with for years. I have always tried to stay somewhat fit and my job keeps me very active, but my weight seemed to yo-yo for years. Prior to working with Barb, I trained with another personal trainer 3 days a week for over a year, which resulted in a weight gain and knee injury. After meeting Barb, she was able to establish a fitness routine that was personalized to my needs and my busy work schedule. The other essential part of my success was to learn the best way to lose weight is to “nourish” your body, not diet. I eat more food than I was eating prior to meeting Barb and losing weight. Prior to this I felt very addicted to sugar. It seemed to preoccupy my daily thoughts, but after improving the quality of my food, sugar no longer had it’s hold on me. It is amazing how my mind and body have been transformed. I have hit my goal weight and enjoying life so much more. Barb is the best kept secret in Erie!!! I wish I had known about her years ago!

- Janet Y.

I started the Alive program with Barb to prevent the return of my breast cancer. The combination of the eating plan and the exercises lowered inflammation in my body which can be one cause of cancer. After completing the program I noticed my allergies were much better. The program taught me to eat small portions and to focus on proteins to keep blood sugar levels even. I was pre-diabetic before the program and now there is no evidence of diabetes. The Alive program has impacted my health in such a positive way. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Mary O.

In 1998 I was diagnosed with post-viral arthritis and began taking medication (arthrotec). I had always been very active, but even walking began to be painful. After a year of no recognizable improvement, I decided to pursue healthier alternatives. I was fortunate to find a personal trainer like Barb Mazon. Because of her knowledge in postural retraining and the application of corrective exercises, I was able to return to a pain free status and my former activity level. Barb has been my trainer for 15 years because she innovative and brings daily motivation to our sessions. I am a healthier, happier woman as a result of my training with her.

- Linda O.

I have been working out with Barb for more than fifteen years. I am the type of person who would not do it on my own and Barb provides the safety, structure and creativity I am looking for. She is a very qualified and experienced trainer, skilled in assisting me with my nutritional and varied physical issues. When I have had physical problems that required PT she has worked with the therapist to remedy the problem. Best of all, I am almost eighty and consider myself to be physically fit. Thanks to Barb and the kind of healthy programming she provides on a weekly basis, I can move and accomplish more in my day than people 10 to 20 years younger than me.

- Lane N.

Upon returning to my part time job, after having my second child, I knew I needed to make a life change. There were more demands on me and my energy level was low. I knew I needed to get back in shape but was unsure how to make the change. I didn't have time to go to a gym and couldn't find a video workout that met my needs. Then I was referred to Barb. She was my perfect solution because I could explain what my weaknesses were and she would create a workout that both met those needs and challenged me. I am able to meet with her on a monthly basis while my children nap and then I do the workouts on my time. Thankfully, she is readily available for questions, concerns and moral support.

- Katie W.

I love working with Barb! She has a real understanding of the body and appropriately adapts my workouts to the ever changing physical and medical states of my body. She has always challenged me but works within my limits. Barb helped me to narrow down my health and fitness goals and is always looking for ways to help me fine-tune those areas. One of those ways was to introduce me to the ALIVE program. The ALIVE program was challenging but was a good fit for my schedule and a great tool to help me meet my fitness goals and desired body composition. I noticed a significant change in my strength, balance and overall level of fitness after having gone through the ALIVE program. In fact, we chose to go through it a second time several months later. I always tell people that choosing to work with a personal trainer was the best gift that I have ever given to myself. Choosing Barb to be that personal trainer has proven to be the right choice for me.

- Janet N., TP, ATP, Physical Therapist-Rehab

At 73, I am in excellent physical condition thanks to the professional guidance of my personal trainer for the past 15 years, Barb Mazon. Prone to injury when working out in various exercise studios earlier in life, Barb taught me how my body works, how to realize its potential and understand its limitations. Barb has consistently challenged herself to keep abreast of new training methods to benefit her clients. She's shown me how to use Biomechanics to treat myself when I overdo in my garden work or my grandmotherly duties. Gratefully, I've grown stronger every year working with Barb's instruction, I have greater endurance, and I enjoy real confidence in my capabilities. I think the world of Barb Mazon.

- Peggy H.

Our daughter has been active in competitive level sports for 8 years. She has over the years experienced injuries in which she has been able to overcome. But recently we noticed her posture and stance were becoming abnormal. She was also experiencing injuries more often and experienced continual pain. We tried several treatments but until we met with Barb we never approached the problem from the cause. She treated her from her foot positioning all the way to her head tilt. She explained how and why this was creating all the instability and pain throughout her body. Barb gave her several exercises and therapies to work on. As my daughter was very committed to correcting this we noticed big changes in her pain level, posture and performance level. Barb was not only changing our daughters health, she was also there for me as the mom with concerns. Barb answered and explained everything which brought great comfort and understanding! We are so blessed to have Barb as part of our family health care.

- Kim R.