The following key elements work together in a simple system allowing improved function and pain free living. Incorporating this highly personalized exercise technique can resolve issues more rapidly and successfully than other pain relief methods.

This revolutionary approach to pain relief incorporates:

Structural Assessment

Verbal Assessment
Gain insight qualifying specific client pain issues.

Visual & Hands On Assessment
Accomplished simultaneously to qualify each major part of the body to further determine potential structural root cause issues.

Corrective Exercise Techniques

Educate clients on why the structural issues experienced create pain.

Ongoing exercise instruction provided with objective of educating client to independently carry out exercise protocol with proper follow up.

Descriptive client exercise pictorial provided following each session.

*Limited equipment requirement.

Life Coaching Strategies

Once client gains root cause understanding specific to the pain related structural challenges and the physical tools to remedy, Barb maintains open communication exchange to ensure a long-term, active, moving forward lifestyle.

Our daughter has been active in competitive level sports for 8 years. She has over the years experienced injuries in which she has been able to overcome. But recently we noticed her posture and stance were becoming abnormal. She was also experiencing injuries more often and experienced continual pain. We tried several treatments but until we met with Barb we never approached the problem from the cause. She treated her from her foot positioning all the way to her head tilt. She explained how and why this was creating all the instability and pain throughout her body. Barb gave her several exercises and therapies to work on. As my daughter was very committed to correcting this we noticed big changes in her pain level, posture and performance level. Barb was not only changing our daughters health, she was also there for me as the mom with concerns. Barb answered and explained everything which brought great comfort and understanding! We are so blessed to have Barb as part of our family health care.

- Kim R.

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