This is a serious, individualized evidenced-based, cutting edge program designed specifically within 8 weeks to improve your nutritional balance, energy level, and overall body composition.

Certified personal trainer and ALIVE coach, Barb Mazon, will guide you along the way in providing:

  • SIMPLE nutritional guidelines specific to what foods will help you lose weight, drop body fat, and bring healing regardless of post pregnancy, menopause, or other hormonal changes.

  • You never have to be hungry or purchase special foods.

  • Workouts are short, easy to follow and can be accomplished almost anywhere with minimal equipment requirements. All while delivering more effective results than any exercise machine.

The ALIVE program was great for me. It started at a pace that you as an individual could handle. Barb was very clear on the process and how it worked. She made herself available at any time for questions or challenges. I have arthritis and Barb adjusted the workouts so I could get the same benefit without stressing my hands. Learning more about the balance of food groups was a lifelong educational tool. My goals were to become stronger and have more energy. I achieved my goals and got an extra benefit of losing 2 dress sizes. I have Barb to thank for introducing me to the ALIVE Program. She was so encouraging and positive that I got inspired and became more committed to achieving my goals. Needless to say, I would highly recommend Barb Mazon and the ALIVE program for anyone who wants to make the commitment to achieve better health.

- Diane C.

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