Barb Mazon

Personal Trainer and Health Coach

With an undergrad degree from Clemson and a Master's in Physical Education from the University of Virginia, Barb Mazon has been a certified personal trainer for 30 years and a certified health coach for:

  • College Athletes
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Pre/Post Menopausal Women
  • People of all ages trying to improve their current fitness level, existing medical condition or simply re-enter the world of fitness after an injury

The reasons one choose to use a trainer are vast and have provided me years of experience in a number of areas. What excited me when I first began and still does to this day, is the ability and opportunity I have to empower people to" take back" control of their health through education, direction and support. With that comes improved self perception, energy and ability to enjoy life because you have a healthier body and outlook. With that being said these are the kinds of services I provide, including:

  • Structural / Fitness assessments
  • Corrective Exercise techniques
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Assistance in establishing realistic goals in realistic time frames

Exercise programming: Workouts are short, easy to follow and can be accomplished almost anywhere with minimal equipment requirements Nutritional education, meal ideas, grocery store field trips and no calorie counting.
Learning how to regain and maintain hormonal balance through diet and exercise, which is at the root cause of most common disease we see today.

Services are provided in a warm, friendly manner and non-threatening environment.

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.

- Jim Rohn -

Body Renovation provides services to inspire individualized, permanent, and realistic change in the lives of our clients.