Body Renovation

Aspire to Perspire before you Expire.


We seek to inspire an individualized, permanent, and realistic change in your life by becoming more physically active and better educated about your nutritional food choices.

I love working with Barb! She has a real understanding of the body and appropriately adapts my workouts to the ever changing physical and medical states of my body. She has always challenged me but works within my limits. Barb helped me to narrow down my health and fitness goals and is always looking for ways to help me fine-tune those areas. One of those ways was to introduce me to the ALIVE program. The ALIVE program was challenging but was a good fit for my schedule and a great tool to help me meet my fitness goals and desired body composition. I noticed a significant change in my strength, balance and overall level of fitness after having gone through the ALIVE program. In fact, we chose to go through it a second time several months later. I always tell people that choosing to work with a personal trainer was the best gift that I have ever given to myself. Choosing Barb to be that personal trainer has proven to be the right choice for me.

- Janet N., TP, ATP, Physical Therapist-Rehab